Real Quick: Valentine Dots

My plan today is (was?) to write 7 Quick Takes, answering some of the questions in my mailbox. But...
I need to hustle these kids to the dentist. So, I'll answer one right now because several people have asked and you kind of need to know sooner than later. To make the Valentine Dots (a pure genius craft/snack that came to us from Charlotte):

  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees
  2. Unwrap all the Hershey Kisses
  3. Place one Kiss on one pretzel (I used wagon wheel pretzels)
  4. Heat the Kisses for 5-10 minutes (the white ones melt more quickly). You just want them shiny and a little soft.
  5. Press the M & Ms into the Kisses.DON'T MOVE THEM OR TOUCH THEM!
  6. I refrigerated them until they were hard.
These are beautiful and so little kid-friendly! (Matching Dot Dress not included;-)