Small Successes~Volume 4

I went out with a friend and sat and chatted at a coffee shop yesterday. This is huge! My husband and I tried to remember the last time I did a "Mom's Night (or day or moment) Out."  We're fairly certain it was sometime between December 2004 and January 2006.I kid you not. Let's just say it was very good to get out and I'm very grateful to my friend, who acted as if she had absolutely no plans on her calendar when I sent out my S.O.S.

I read It's So You! in one sitting while marathon nursing. This is a great book~perhaps even of the "life-changing" variety. Don't even attempt the one-sitting reading. It really needs to be digested in small chunks. I came away with a fresh perspective on much more than fashion.

I RSVP'd to a birthday party the very same day my girls received the invitation. Now, if I can just get my thank you notes finished and in the mail, I will be an efficient, polite correspondent...


What are your successes this week? This is a great exercise in holding ourselves accountable and patting ourselves on the back. Mothering and homemaking don't have built in performance reviews and bonuses. The  internet can be a source of support and encouragement. Let's encourage one another in our small successes. Share them at Faith and Family Live!