Friendship, Gratitude, and Blogs, Oh My!

Last night, I went to bed thinking about Charlotte's thoughtful post.  I'm still thinking about those lines from Amy's blog and Ann's blog. And I'm thinking about my day of relative quiet yesterday, away from the chattering noise.

I've never been much of a chatterer. Too serious, perhaps. Or too shy. Or too introverted. Or perhaps it's just that I only have one ear and extra noise makes it very difficult for me to hear what's really important. I'm a deliberate, focused listener from way back.

I had two friendly conversations yesterday and I'm still giggling at God's plan for the day. In the first conversation, a little bird told me that another bird really thought it best that I not "tweet." We talked about all the reasons and I much agreed. Twitter is a fun way to give glimpses into one's day and to see little glimpses of another's day. It works for getting prayer requests out there and that's never a bad thing.  It's a totally ridiculous way to actually have a conversation. I'll save my conversations for email and telephone calls. And thanks, little birds, for caring.

The other conversation was with a friend whom I've long admired as an excellent blogger. She is one of those rare souls who just plain makes life beautiful. Her blog was always worth my time--always offered something of value. But she, too, is a quiet soul and she needed some time to retreat and reflect. She's an artist and a poet and a thinker and when she prayerfully shares we all benefit. We talked at length about blogging and blessing and we came to the conclusion that blogs can indeed be spiritually beneficial. We also affirmed again that blog friends are real friends.

I think that some of what Charlotte values in blogs is sensitivity. Of course not every blog author is sensitive and not every blog exudes sensitivity, but I find myself drawn to the ones that do. Blogs are blank slates, templates upon which we can express ourselves. We can share the joy of life lived intentionally. We can share tough times, too, if we are honest. And both those things can be read by our friends with an abundance of grace. That's when blogs rise to their greatest mission. They offer encouragement for the journey towards heaven.

I'm grateful. I'm grateful for the tips on curriculum and great books. I'm grateful for the kick in the pants to get my house clean. I'm grateful for the deep philosophical ponderings of women wiser than me.I'm grateful for a hearty laugh now and then. I'm grateful because I know that when I feel burned out, tapped out, and stressed out, I can click around and predictably find a friend.I'm grateful for encouragement and inspiration I could have never even imagined when I began this journey--gosh, a generation ago.

Can a blog be a blessing? Oh, yes it can! I know those blessings well. I fell asleep last night counting those blessings by name. Imagine my delight when I awoke this morning to discover that the artist and poet and thinker I love so much has decided to blog anew. And imagine how right it all seemed when I learned that her new blog is named evoglia~the Greek word for blessing.

Go visit. Be blessed!

(Be sure not to miss this.)