March Madness: My Heart's at Home Daybook

Outside My Window ...
It promises to be a beautiful day. The weather will be just perfect for hanging out diapers. I'm rather looking forward to it. I still love diapers. Really, I do.
I am listening to...
the spin cycle of the washer. Mount Never-rest, indeed.
To Live the Liturgy...
We are settling into a new quiet time routine. I'm trying to have everyone old enough to write acquire a habit of reading, prayer, and resolution. Personally, this has been the single most productive habit I've cultivated ever.
To Breathe Deeply...
I've been faithful to the workouts, but I am so looking forward to adding walks outside this week. It's time for Sarah Anne to experience the joy of a stroller ride on a fresh, nearly-spring day.

Towards rhythm and beauty ...
the settling into Daylight Savings Time wasn't so bad at all. The little girls went to bed early last night and so did the little boys. The teenagers never sleep when we do and always sleep when we don't anyway.

I am thankful for ...
Spring Break. It's nice to have Michael home. I'm sure we'll enjoy it even more when he awakens.
From the kitchen ...
it's grocery day today. It's amazing how the warmer weather affects my meal planning. There are lots of lighter fruits and veggies on my list and suddenly the morning smoothie doesn't make us all shiver.

I am wearing ...
 a new denim skirt, a t-shirt, and shoes made of trash.
I am creating ...
a storage box. My first project from Anna Maria Horner's new book.
  On my iPod...
David Nevue. I've been spending my meditation time at Ann's blog these days. Serendipitously, I found that Sarah Anne relaxes beautifully to the piano there. So I claimed some relaxation for my baby and myself.
Towards a real education ...
Colleen and I are putting the finishing touches on plans for the Native American unit. I sat down yesterday and sketched out daily plans in all subjects for my children from now until Easter. It's nice to have it all on paper. Give us a few more days to dot the i's and cross the t's and then we'll share our notes with you.
Bringing beauty to my home ...
it's time to force blooms and bring some spring inside.  
I am reading  ...
For Lent
With Christian:
Before I Go: Letters to My Children About What Really Matters

With Patrick:
Yes or no?

With the others:
St. Patrick's Summer

For me:
The Gift of Faith, recommended on Faith and Family Live! This book very well may be the best book on faith I've ever read (I'm not finished yet).It's written simply enough to be readable even in translation. It incorporates Scripture,sacrament, Tradition, and the wisdom of the saints to offer a fresh perspective on the spiritual life. I started it during Advent and then lost the book. It "just appeared" on the theology shelf in my library closet yesterday when I was looking for something else. Perfect timing for Lent!

I am hoping ...
to shake the March blues and regain some sunny optimism.
Around the house ...
the goal is to maintain our newly found sense of peace and order (still). This is the intention I bring to St.Anne every morning. She is such a faithful intercessor.So far, I'm sticking to the Spring Cleaning plan. I recognize that every room isn't going to be perfect (or even close) but it IS going to be better than it is now. I know God blesses the effort and I pray I can do this cheerfully.
One of my favorite things ...
weather warm enough to call the children outside to play~ and then children who come inside, spent and happy and in need of a good bath before falling fast asleep. 
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
The little boys are going to Richmond to cheer for GMU in the CAA finals tonight.Mike's directing the game for ESPN. Then, he's doing another conference final on Wednesday and another on Friday--probably with a couple of kids or more in tow. Christian has to stay in town tonight. He's the coach of Mary Beth's team and they are playing in the 5/6 grade girls championship game. I haven't seen her play all year, but I think I'll leave our cloister and stand by myself in the gym long enough to watch the first half.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing~
I think they used every last bit of that saved daylight. Good for them!

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