Oh, Great

Just when I had this baby sleeping on a predictable nighttime schedule AND I had two days in a row of a nap on schedule, we have to "save daylight."

Why is it that one hour messes up babies and toddlers for a whole week? Seems like we could just tweak it a little and all would be well. Instead, it's a total circadian rhythm short circuit. My clock watching child will be ever-so-frustrated all day long for at least a week because the light won't be the way it was the previous week.  And we will have "corrected time." That's when Nicky says, "It's 10:20 but it should be 9:20 and so it's time to go to Mass but really we shouldn't be going to Mass for another hour if this were still normal time." And he'll do that for pretty much every event, including meals, until at least next Sunday. Right around next Sunday, we'll all look up around 6:00 PM and marvel at how nice it is that it's still light outside. And we'll all forgive William Willet once again.