Sarah Anne Giggles

Before you roll your eyes and wonder if I'm going to blog every single milestone of this baby's life: well, yes, actually, I am. I wondered if I'd ever hold her, wondered if we'd both live to talk about her birth,wondered if she'd be "OK." And then, she was here. She was very still and quiet. She didn't look at me. She didn't smile. She didn't coo.For what seemed like a very long time.Who was she? What was she thinking? Did she know how much I loved her?
My friends reported on their babies' smiles--babies born long after my sweet Sarah was.

 Has it only been four months since that late October day? Seems like forever.

So, when she giggles, my world stands still. I know God is giggling with us.

And I just have to tell someone.

Thanks for listening.