This is well worth thinking about. What is Social Networking Doing to Our Brains?
Are Facebook friends real friends? Is Twitter a "really" friendly way to communicate? Are we eroding our capacity to communicate in a meaningful way by networking on Facebook and Twitter and message boards? I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that questions like these keep me up at night as I ponder the answers for myself and for my children. Who should have a Facebook page? Can teens navigate the same emotions and intricacies of friendship that they've navigated for generations, while being limited (or not limited?) to text mesages and writings on a virtual wall? Where is this all going? How is that someone can have 400 friends and still be very lonely? Can we really express ourselves in 140 characters or fewer several times a day? Should we?

HT: Danielle Bean via Twitter
And that Hat Tip itself is a conundrum because Danielle is most definitely a REAL friend and she just got me thinking for REAL via a tweet...hmmm...