I finally found a pair of jeans that fit. My sweet husband assures me that the Eddie Bauer "curvy" fit isn't at all the same thing as the Garanimals "husky" fit of oh-so-many years ago. I think his eyes twinkle a bit too much as he promises they are entirely different things. 


In her new, wonderful, just-released-yesterday, but-already-read-today book, Nina Plank writes:

Curvy women are smarter, even after accounting for age, family income, race,and ethnicity. Their babies are smarter, too,even after accounting for intelligence of mother and father.

I took a teenaged boy, twelve-year-old girl, a rowdy two-year-old and an infant shopping on Monday. Everyone got what he or she needed.
None of us cried.

I did NOT panic when Michael called during his regular practice time and said, "I'm in the ER." Perhaps this is becoming too routine? This, time, it was his roommate who is injured and not him.
Pray for Rich. Collarbone. Ouch.

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