Daybook~Beautiful Days Edition

Outside My Window ...
it's raining again. I'm so glad! there's much work to be done here at home today and if it were as beautiful as it was on Saturday, I'd be tempted to skip school and go back to Bull Run today.
I am listening to...
birds chirping. They are very loud for this area of the house. I think they might be nesting in the chimney.
To Live the Liturgy...
Today, we'll have a tea in honor of Mercy Sunday. We are also going to use Kimberlee's Stations of the Cross idea to make Stations of the Light. I think I will use Kathryn's pictures for this project. I'll make more cards to use as three-part learning tools.
To Fit and Happy...
Last week, I got lots of physical exercise outdoors. It's so nice to walk and lift and carry out in the world. Sarah Anne is blooming before our eyes as she discovers a big "playground" out there! We will return to bull Run when the weather brightens and hike the bluebell trail at least a couple more times before the flowers fade for the year. Rainy days will be double T-Tapp days--the Basic workout in the morning and the Walking workout in the afternoons.
Oh, and I'm happy to report that all the Easter candy is gone.
I am thankful for ...
a fat, happy, healthy baby
the kind souls who welcomed Sarah Anne and I back to our parish yesterday
a week or R&R in the woods last week
the promise of a beautiful new season in the life of our family
From the kitchen ...
I really need to go grocery shopping. There are more bluebell picnics to plan.


I am wearing ...
soft knit shorts and a big soccer t-shirt--standard summer sleeping attire.
I am creating ...
lesson plans. It's that time of year again and I'm shifting into creativity overdrive. some of my favorite collaborators are due to have babies in the early summer. They have nesting instincts that always includes curriculum. I'm all in for that. Let's get it planned!
  On my iPod...
Easter music from the Basilica.
Towards a real education ...
around this time of year, we always move into a new rhythm. We will have one or two nature days a week from now through the fall. This is when our nature study happens in a meaningful way. We'll go to nearby places and we'll also go to outlying farms in order to pick whatever's in season. Strawberries are up first in a few weeks.
When we are at home, we are working on our Native American unit, coming to the end of the Alphabet Path, and double-timing through math in order to finish up. 
Bringing beauty to my home ...
this time of year always makes me want to redecorate. I want to paint all the walls a soft wash (Waldorfs walls, anyone?) and replace all the fabrics with Heather Bailey pinks.
This year the urge is irrestible. I will redo a room around these beautiful photos of my favorite people in my favorite place.

I am reading  ...
Hold On to Your Kids.
Thanks, I think I will.

I am hoping and praying ...
that my poor husband feels better soon. Things are really no better for his back.Won't you say a quick prayer, too?
Around the house ...
today will be devoted to cleaning out the van and the foyer and the mudroom--we seem to have brought a great deal of bluebell mud home with us. Oh, Lovely Mud! I think I'll play Mrs. Wishy-washy today.
One of my favorite things ...
the smell of my church during Easter week and the incredible visual feast of the altar after a barren Good Friday.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
lots of nature study; laundry; baseball and soccer practices; dance; a friend of Mary Beth's here to plan a little crafting; more soccer and baseball on the weekend.


Picture thoughts

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Lori for mucking about in the woods with us and capturing my children in such beautiful images. I will treasure these photos forever.


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While I appreciate the beauty, the materials and some of the methods of Waldorf education, I am not a follower of Rudolf Steiner, his educational philosophy, or his religion. I am a practicing Catholic who is very clear in teaching the faith to her children. Please see this post for any further explanation of incorporating methods or materials that might also appear in Waldorf schools into your home. Take inspiration from what is good and what in in harmony with the true faith and leave the rest. If you can't discern, then leave it all alone.