Daybook~Easter Week

Outside My Window ...
it's cold and rainy and promises to remain so for the next couple of days. We've just seeded our lawn, so the rain makes Dad happy.
I am listening to...
Sarah Anne breathing in her sleep across my chest.
To Live the Liturgy...
It is Easter Week! We're off to a good start in the celebration department. We spent part of yesterday hiking the Bluebell Trail at Bull Run. I suspect there will be much more nature ahead of us this week, just as soon as the rain clears out. Nothing like celebrating spring with lots of mud!
We are praying the Divine Mercy novena this week and will take advantage of Mercy Sunday celebrations at our parish.
I am determined to celebrate 50 Days of Easter this year. I'm using Jessica's plans for the Garden of the Good Shepherd as a starting place.
To Fit and Happy...
Yesterday, I hiked more than two miles carrying a 15 pound baby and lunch and drinks for eight (it's a long story).I did it in pretty good time. I'm not sore today and I'm feeling pretty fit.Next time I go to the bluebells however, I'd prefer to plop down on a blanket and gaze upon the flowers for hours.
I am thankful for ...
a glorious First Communion Day for Katie. She was utterly beautiful. When it was time for the consecration, she looked at me and literally hopped up and down with joy. We'll do a picture post just as soon as I gather from all my different camera sources.
From the kitchen ...
Hard boiled eggs for lunch
Easter Ham tonight. I didn't cook for Easter and we have a ham that was a gift. We'll have our Easter Menu tonight.

Honeybaked Ham
Corn Casserole
Mesclun salad with roasted beets and goat cheese
Roasted Asparagus
Strawberries and Cream

I am wearing ...
a bathrobe, pjs, very soft, baggy pink socks and a ponytail (that's exactly what I was wearing this time last week:-). I have gotten a haircut since last week, so the ponytail is shorter and perkier, I think.
I am creating ...
a list for our Garden of the Good Shepherd activities. Tomorrow, I'm going to drop a couple of bigger kids at the movies and then do a craft store run to stock up for the next six weeks. I'd like to stock my drawers and get my act together much like this lady. I want my learning room to serve us again.
  On my iPod...
Easter music from the Basilica.
Towards a real education ...
Nature drawing, botany, creeks and pond study...
Does that sound official enough to justify taking the week to hang out on the banks of the creek and watch flowers grow?
Bringing beauty to my home ...

Ever notice how beautiful a house becomes when Mama smiles? I have and I'm endeavoring to make my house so beautiful much, much more often.

I am reading  ...
The Anne of Green Gables series. Re-reading it and pre-reading it, actually. Did you notice that someone else is, too? We've got some grand ideas, we do! I have lots of wonderful literature choices to pre-read this spring and summer. I'm falling in love with my favorite books all over again as I relish the thought  of sharing them with the daughter-who-is-a-young-lady.

I am hoping and praying ...
that my poor husband feels better soon.He herniated a disk while working in Salt Lake City on Saturday. Then, he flew to LA to catch a red-eye and flew home all night long. Heroically, he made it the the Basilica in time for Katie's First Holy Communion. The man is in excruciating pain and has a whole week (or more?) of doctors and therapy ahead of him.
Around the house ...
the house is not so bad. We pulled a couple of long nights last week and made some progress on the Lenten Cleaning. I consulted with my favorite domestic inspiration, and decided it was time to switch to a more practical maintenance mode. I'm re-working my notebook system slowly, drawing Mary Beth into the process this time. I think that if I can think my way through re-organizing the learning room and re-working the housekeeping routines, we'll finally be out of the bedrest-then-postpartum domestic funk. If, if, if...
One of my favorite things ...
Bluebells. But you knew that, didn't you? Actually, my favorites are roses and bluebells. My dear husband tells me that he's made arrangements for some help putting in a proper rose garden this week. Roses and bluebells in the same week. I live a beautiful life.Sarahoneaster
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
lots of nature study; a spring break visit from a favorite friend; Easter craft planning; soccer game at GMU on Saturday, followed by the Championship Ring Banquet; Little League Opening Day.


Picture thoughts

Easter was beautiful, glorious, despite the monkey wrenches thrown into the  machinery. We gathered with all our children and Mike's parents and his sister and her family at the Basilica and then we went to brunch. Mike was in terrible pain, but persevered through the day with astounding dignity and grace. Sarah Anne smiled though her first Easter, when she wasn't sleeping peacefully. Katie was a beautiful first Communicant and her day was everything she'd hoped it would be.

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