Daybook~Holy Week

Outside My Window ...
it promises to be another beautiful day. Yesterday, I heard it would be a rainy day today and tomorrow, but I'm not believing it. Looks like sunshine out there to me.
I am listening to...
Nothing. It's very, very quiet. I wonder how long that will last?
To Live the Liturgy...
We'll bring the purple box up from the basement and present the Holy Week and Triduum presentations this week.We will all sit down to a meal that is representative of the Last Supper. Confession (which is like a warm hug) is a priority for those who didn't make it there last week. I won't attempt Holy Thursday Mass, as much as  I'd like to go. Mass at bedtime just doesn't go well. I do think we'll spend most of Friday in Church

8:30 am  Office of Readings, Morning Prayer
9:00 am  Confessions
12:00 Noon Stations of the Cross
1:00 pm  Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary
2:00 pm  Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Seven Last Words of Christ
3:00 pm Celebration of Our Lord’s Passion
Liturgy of the Word, Veneration of the Cross, Holy Communion

We'll see what Sarah thinks about that idea.
Holy Saturday will be about quiet preparation.
Easter Sunday we'll go to Mass at the Basilica, where Katie will receive her first Holy Communion, then to brunch at Army-Navy Country Club. This leaves me with no kitchen duties.
To Fit and Happy...
I firmly resolve to workout every single day this week and to stick closely to the allergy-avoidance food plans. I want to feel well for Easter.

I am thankful for ...
a day off.Mike will take one today. These are rare and precious. This one was a surprise.
From the kitchen ...
Greek yogurt and strawberries with raw honey for breakfast (Karoline's favorite).
McDonald's for lunch (not for me, but it's a Daddy treat on those rare days off)
Dinner's going to be a cross between this and this. Sounds strange but it works for us this year.
I am wearing ...
a bathrobe, pjs, very soft, baggy pink socks and a ponytail
I am creating ...
memories. Last night, iIwas thinking about how right it feels to have a baby in my arms, how it seems as if it has always been this way. But try as I might, I have a hard time really remembering the infancy of each of my babies. It's hard to describe. With Sarah Anne, comes the recognition every day that I'm not likely to have another baby. And so, I try mightily to burn every detail of these days into my very soul. I don't ever, ever want to forget.
  On my iPod...
This version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
Towards a real education ...
Our focus will be Holy Week this week and next week: the Bluebells. We're going to hang out in the woods.
Bringing beauty to my home ...
Notes on Lenten Cleaning:
Coming up for Air
Holy Mission

Ever notice how beautiful a house becomes when Mama smiles? I have and I'm endeavoring to make my house so beautiful much, much more often.

I am reading  ...
Genuine Friendship

I am hoping and praying ...
one of my children is being protected by his guardian angel and will be comforted by his Savior.
Around the house ...
I'm going to keep on keeping on, trying to create and maintain a peaceful, ordered, pleasant place for us all to grow. I think sometimes that I expect that my house will look the way it did when I was growing up. But we were a family of four, with two little girls. We were all gone all day and a cleaning lady came in often enough to make things pretty darn near perfect. Homeschooling a big family is God's way of curing me of perfectionism.I'm a stubborn patient. He, thankfully, is the Great Physician.

(Yes, this is the same as last week. This is my Daybook and I really do use it to organize my thoughts for the week and to remind myself of the things I find noteworthy. This housecleaning thing is a work in progress for me and I need to keep reminding myself...)
One of my favorite things ...
thunderstorms.  When I began this post it was sunny and quiet. Now it's dark and thundering.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:


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