The First Baby I Ever Loved


A long time ago (I won't say how long publicly;-), a baby was born into my life. I still remember the day I met her. My grandmother (who shared the baby's birthday) snuck me into the hospital and I got a quick peek. We went to lunch at a fancy restaurant in Newport and we got hopelessly lost on the way home. Oh, how I loved that baby! I think she set me up for a lifeftime of intense babylove. I remember crawling into her crib in the morning and waking her because I couldn't wait to play with her. And my favorite, favorite thing about that baby was that I could make her smile. I still remember the intense joy that came with seeing her crooked smile.
We grew together, Krysti and I. She was my only real friend until I was twelve. And though she never knew it, it broke my heart to leave her when I went to college.
This morning, my two-year-old woke my sleeping baby. I asked her why.
"So she would smile at me," came the reply.
I understand.
Even now, all these many years later, nothing is so wonderful as seeing your baby sister smile.
Happy Birthday, Krysti.
I wish you many, many smiles.