This is Urgent

March_2008_009Do you feel sometimes as if it's all too much? I don't mean the clutter this time, or at least I don't mean only the clutter. Do you feel as if there is just so much that's expected of you and not enough you to cover it all? Are the burdens of your daily life bearing down on you with a heaviness that is nearly crushing? How could that be? You live your faith. At least, you try to live your faith. And you know that God says His grace is sufficient. No matter what the suffering, He has graces abundant enough for you. He knows you better than you know yourself. He knows exactly what you need. So why? Why is it all too much? Why does it feel like there's plugged duct in the strength and grace supply line?

What if  the exact amount of grace that you need right now is ready and waiting for you? What if whatever strength you are lacking could be yours?  What if you could have right away?

You can. In nearly every town, there are numerous confession times for the next few days. You walk into that confessional and you dump. You dump all the gunk that is blocking the channel of grace. You lose all the muck and you gain all the grace you need. You come out feeling loads lighter. Then, you receive our Lord in Communion and suddenly, it's not too much at all. You have more than enough.
Go now. Get yourself some grace. God is waiting to give it to you in abundance.