Comments Are Open

No, not here. Here, it's still quiet. Comments are open at Serendipity. We tinkered with the message board idea in order to hear your feedback and gather all your ideas and extensions, but none of us really has the time to devote to lots of conversation and the tending that a message board requires. So, we figured we'd open comments beneath each post. This is not intended to be the place to debate educational philosophy. If fairies bother you or you are afraid of being stung by beeswax, just click away from those posts. On the other hand, if you've come across a great book that fits just perfectly or you've posted something to your blog you think would be appreciated by Serendipitous learners, please leave a comment! And remember, there are still email addresses available, too. Serendipity is easier to navigate and much more organized from the website.

There's a new post up today, the first of our tour of the continents. We are all so excited about this! My children have jumped the gun a bit--I found a beeswax African Savanna happening in my learning room before I'd even showered this morning. The Alphabet Path will undergo some slow revision this summer, too. And shh...but we're trying to sneak in a writer's workshop before too long!