Dashed Off Daybook

Outside My Window ...
it's a bright, crisp glorious late afternoon. I never write in the afternoon, but everyone is outside in the bright, crisp gloriousness and if I don't write now, the week will be gone before I plan it. So, I'm writing quickly and deleting a few topics this week.
I am listening to...
Little Einsteins. No clue why.
To Live the Liturgy...
I've started novena to St. Philip Neri. A cheerful band of brothers will welcome a new blessing on the happy saint's feast next week.
To Fit and Happy...
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I heard this song on the radio while driving Patrick soccer this afternoon. I'm pretty sure my husband wrote it;-). Sounds just like him.
(Skip the video)

I am thankful for...
landscaping help at last! The beds are ready for planting just as soon as the weather warms a wee bit.
From the kitchen ...
lots of meals with eggs. I've learned that planting eggshells with the tomatoes will prevent blossom end rot. So, we need lots of eggshells before we plant early next week.
I am wearing ...
 blue jeans, a long sleeved pink t-shirt, a ponytail and bare feet.
I am creating ...
very detailed meal plans. I lost the ones I made last week and it's time to clean up the eating habits around here, anyway. I need to start actually using those homemaking notebooks again.

  On my iPod...
Brad Paisley: Then

Towards a real education ...
lots going on at Serendipity this week. The Africa plans are up. Writing workshops and Shakespeare and bedtime story lists are soon to follow. That's virtual.In the real life learning room, every is sort of scampering down their own path waiting for me to head into the official summer learning mode. I saw a lot of beeswax happening today--both the coloring and the sculpting kind. Christian and I spent the last week learning first aid and CPR and cramming for the lifesaving exam.  Once upon a time I taught that class. We never had to worry about OSHA regs and AIDS. Life really was simpler. Now he has just learned all about tax forms and paycheck deductions. He wants to know if he qualifies for a stimulus check.  He's got himself a summer job:-)

I am reading  ...
I read this book on Saturday. Karen has knocked one out of the park here (can you tell I read it between innings?). Proper review soon.

I am hoping and praying ...
for Elizabeth deHority
Jessica Hulcy
On Keeping Home ...
I'm majorly using American Idol to bribe my children to do chores this week. No one wants to miss the finale. Geniuses at Fox made it a two night deal. Perfect. I get two days of diligent work if i play my cards right.
One of my favorite things ...
Cupcakes, Actually. These are the absolute most amazing desserts on the earth! If you are anywhere near Fairfax Corner, you really need the Let's Stay Awake cupcake. Worth.every.penny.
We had lots of these at Paddy's soccer fundraiser. Now, don't you wish you'd come?

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Those flower beds will be planted by week's end. All will be drawn and photo graphed for both print and virtual nature journals. Vegetables and herbs will go in shortly after that. Christian starts his new job as a lifeguard at the neighborhood pool. Stephen and Patrick are both playing the same soccer tournament--in very different towns. There's a strawberry farm near Stephen's site, so we gong to try to do some picking. And if we do, there will be jam and pie, for sure!


Picture thoughts
 Karoline being cute in the weeds. The weeds are gone now. We're keeping Karoline.

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