Small Successes~16


Leaving the State Cup game on Saturday, I ran into a lady I knew I recognized. She instantly exclaimed, "I know you! You're Danielle's first soccer coach. She's warming up right there. She's playing Division 1 soccer, now. Remember when she wanted to quit?" I did remember. She played with Paddy on a 4-year-old co-ed team. I was coaching because Mike was traveling. Stephen was an infant in a front pack.I remembered meeting her for some extra sessions because she was afraid of the ball and confused on the field. "She'd not be playing at all if it weren't for you!" her mother asserted. Paddy tells me that out of the six kids on that team, three are playing Division 1 now, ten years later. Not bad for a coach who only really knew one secret: the ball is going to go in the direction of your plant foot. 

Everything I need to know I learned in Tiny Tots Soccer.

I fingerpainted with my little girls before 9:00 AM yesterday morning. This is made even more impressive with the knowledge that someone broke both my coffee pots lasts week, so I painted sans caffeine... The French press was mysteriously missing its glass cylinder. Then, the Mr. Coffee (which plays back up to the press and makes company coffee) was missing its decanter.No one seems to know what happened. I've been vaccuuming glass pieces for days.  I found the sad, plastic decanter top and saved it for CSI-Coffee. I went up to my very friendly neighborhood Starbuck's to see about replacing  the cylinder. The woman took the situation very seriously,called the customer service department, checked into warranties, and on and on. She fixed me a free coffee and then asked, with all gravity, "You have nine kids and you homeschool. What ARE you going to do until you replace it?" I smiled and told her I was sure I'd manage (truth is, I usually drink tea--coffee is reserved for severe sleep deprivation days). She grew even more concerned and told me they'd give me a loaner! These people take their java fix very seriously.
But back to successes: fingerpainting, followed by free coffee and a friend for life in my barista. All good:-)

I got the perfect birthday present for Christian. He is one happy boy.

What are your successes this week? This is a great exercise in holding ourselves accountable and patting ourselves on the backs. Mothering and homemaking don't have built in performance reviews and bonuses. The  internet can be a source of support and encouragement. Let's encourage one another in our small successes.I'm very late to the party, but you can still share too at Faith and Family Live!