The Two Tournament Week Daybook

Outside My Window ...
it's pouring and thundering and completely washing away all my plans for planting the vegetable garden today. It's was a hot, humid weekend--the kind of weather that makes Karoline's hair pull up into utterly adorable ringlets. Ringlets aside, I'm not so sure I love the return of sticky Washington, D.C. summer.
I am listening to...
the rhythm of the pouring rain. (And now I've given us all an earworm:-)
To Live the Liturgy...
Today is all about our novena to St. Philip Neri as we await Colleen's baby news and the addition to the Louisiana  band of brothers . Unless I missed some news while I was away, my friend Marilyn will welcome a little girl today, too.

We'll celebrate Pentecost in a church on the road.
To Fit and Happy...
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I heard this song on the radio while driving Patrick soccer last week. I'm pretty sure my husband wrote it;-). Sounds just like him.
(I fixed the link--Skip the video)

I am thankful for...
ice cold waters bottles, sunscreen, the kind lady who lent me her umbrella to shade Sarah Anne, strollers that can be heaped with all sorts of stuff, a gallon bag of fruit salad, cotton t-shirts, bug spray, and
my Ergo.
I am ever so grateful for my Ergo.
From the kitchen ...
Michael's home this week. He is spending the summer in Salt Lake City, training with Salt Lake's professional soccer team, but he came back to coach last weekend and this weekend, as Paddy's team advances to the Sate Cup Final four. So, this week will be all about feeding hungry athletes. Despite the rain, someone will have to make a grocery run today. For breakfast, I'm thinking baked oatmeal.
I am wearing ...
pajamas and a pony tail. It's really, really early. And I'm so tired following our marathon tournament weekend that I'm going to try to stay in my pajamas all day..
I am creating ...
Lists of what to pack for the people going with us this weekend.
Lists for the people left at home.
Lists of Mass times and locations in Williamsburg.
 Lists of what to see at Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg.
Lists of cooler food.
Lists of directions to fields and hotels and restaurants.
Lots and lots of lists.
  On my iPod...
Amos Fortune, Free Man
we listened to it to and from games last weekend. Most of what I've downloaded at is too advanced for my little ones. For the coming weekend, I think I'm going to hit for Lewis Carroll and Rudyard Kipling. If you have good source for books on audio for kids--especially stories that span the ages well, please leave a link in the comments.
Towards a real education ...
I have a short three days this week between tournaments. When I awakened Paddy yesterday, I told him that all he had to do was push through one more game (he'd already played four in the previous two days) and he had a trophy waiting for him. He moaned, rolled over, and mumbled that he already had a room full of trophies; he just wanted to sleep. He finally rallied (and he did collect the championship) and I promised him he could sleep for the next three days. Truth is, everyone is exhausted and I need these days to collect myself and take this show on the road.
I am thinking... 
That it is utterly adorable that Katie and Karoline have decided to build fairy houses at every athletic complex we visit, sometimes leaving two or three houses near the fields. Five new homes were added to the fairy real estate collection last weekend.
Sarah Anne this week...
Despite much shade and sunscreen, Sarah Annie got a little sun this weekend. Her skin no longer has that luminous porcelain look. She's still a little cherub, but she's definitely lost the angelic newborn glow.
I am reading  ...
maps, directions, stats and standings, fast food menus, and not much else
I am hoping and praying ...
for Elizabeth deHority
Jessica Hulcy
On Keeping Home ...
Despite the fact that I was ready to fall over yesterday afternoon I was so hot oand tired, I rallied to make the house presentable before Michael's girlfriend dropped by last night. I never would have pushed like that had it not been for the threat promise of company. I am glad I did. There's still much work to be done, however.For today, we still have to dig out of pockets of weekend dump-and-run. The van needs a total overhaul. It smells like a locker room, among other things. There's laundry to happen so we can begin to pack. The trick right now, isn't so much keeping home, but thinking ahead enough to know what parts of home to take in order to make this trip successful all the way around.
A few of my favorite things ...
Little boys who cheer for big boys and care just as much about their games as their own games.
Little boys who grow up to be big boys and coach their "little" brother's teams
A not so little boy who suddenly is mature enough to admit that his big brother is the best coach he's ever had.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
I'm in super organizing mode for the next three days. The veggies will be planted tomorrow. Hopefully, the roses will arrive before I have to leave so that I can plant those, too. Michael and I will head out with a van full on Friday morning, very early. We're going to Williamsburg for a soccer weekend, bookended with historical field trips.


Picture thoughts
 Sights from soccering.
Patrick's "highlight reel" to follow as soon as I hobnob with my friend Roger.

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