This is Really Important

Elizpraybutton Elizabeth DeHority will have surgery Tuesday, May 12th. It's very extensive, very serious surgery. I clicked around the blogosphere on Sunday and was astounded by the number of blogs bearing the prayer button. If she has ever needed you, it's now. Please offer prayers for her, for her family, and for her medical team. Please assure her you will carry her in prayer throughout the next few weeks. Leave a comment below to contribute to a virtual spiritual bouquet. I'll bump this post up to the front page every day from now until Tuesday. And then I'll keep you posted on the miracles. There will be miracles.

ADDITIONS: Kelly wrote to tell me about Beth, a homeschool mom of four boys who will undergo a double mastectomy and ooectomy on May 8.

And keep Rachael Higginbothom in your prayers, too.