A Daybook to Begin the Week

Outside My Window ...
it's very bright and very hot.
I am listening to...
Ann's blog. I frequently begin my day by meditating on the things she suggests and then I just leave a window open there and enjoy the piano.
To Live the Liturgy...
We're looking forward to delving into the craft co-op box:-)

To Fit and Happy...
I am creating meals that focus on fruits and veggies with small amounts of meat and little saturated fat. I'm not counting carbs, but I don't eat wheat and I'm avoiding sugar, so this experiment is low carb. It's not low fat, though, because I'm still a big believer in the necessity for healthy fats, especially for nursing moms and growing brains.

I am thankful for...
I am pondering this quote...
A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter:
he that has found one has found a treasure.
There is nothing so precious as a faithful friend,
and no scales can measure his excellence.
A faithful friend is an elixir of life;
and those who fear the Lord will find him.
Whoever fears the Lord directs his friendship aright,
for as he is, so is his neighobr also.
Sirach 6:14-17
From the kitchen ...
successes from last week include Summertime Risotto, Asparagus in Warm Pecan Vinaigrette, and Lentil Curry and lots and lots of strawberry variations:-)
I am wearing ...
pearl earrings, a pony tail, new lipgloss, a white linen shirt, pink and white capris, bare feet and toes that probably should get some sort of pedicure this week .
I am creating ...
a new medal necklace since my scapular medal has worn through the wire. Again. I need to figure out a better way to wear that medal with a miraculous medal. For now, though, Sarah Anne's favorite medal is the St. Anne one  anyway.
  On my iPod...
A lot of Brad Paisley.
Towards a real education ...
I admit I'm waffling on my resolve to keep up the regular pace during the summer. There's so much happening out there in that world! And Patrick won another tournament this weekend so that means he has more travel and training on his schedule (and ours), which leaves his weeks at home very scattershot.I need to sit and think through how to plan the next year for him.
I am thinking... 
about a summer rhythm .
In the Garden...
I can 't figure out why my wave petunias look like the tide has gone out. I saw some in my neighbor's yard while walking home from the fair yesterday and they were full and lush and well, wavy. Mine are spindly. Can't be the weather since we live under the same clouds. Any petunia experts out there?
Sarah Anne this week...
Sweet darling girl, she spends hours at a time in the frontpack and I spend hours at a time soaking up her very being. It ocurred to me this morning that I really am her whole world right now and I resolved to make that world the very best it can be.

I am reading  ...
nothing. Well, I'm trying to read but Sarah has now decided she doesn't want me to read while nursing and that's put a bit of a crimp in my reading style.
I am hoping and praying ...
for Katherine and that pink blessing. Soon, my friend--very, very soon.
On Keeping Home ...
Sarah has never been too keen on the co-sleeper, so I took it down and put up a bedrail. Then, I reclaimed my nightstand for its original purpose, repurposed a piano bench to hold a basket of towels in the bathroom, and just plain followed my inner muse as I spruced up my bedroom. Admittedly, it was a little emotional. I've got to think my bedroom might never have that newborn look again. I'm choosing to focus on my new, uncluttered cheerful nest. Mostly.
A few of my favorite things ...

Friday Farmer's Market in McLean

Clemyjontri Park


A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
It's ballet week. Lots of rehearsals and then two performances this weekends .


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