Catch My Breath Daybook

Outside My Window ...
summer has arrived. It's hot and humid. Yuck.
I am listening to...
To Live the Liturgy...
we had an opportunity to visit two parishes in neighboring dioceses these past two weekends. The first church was a small rural church where my family made up fully one third of the worshipers present despite the fact that a bishop presided. Since I don't really like to offer negative critiques, I shall remain silent on liturgy at that parish.

Last weekend, we celebrated Pentecost at St. Bede in Williamsburg. I can't do justice to how beautifully this parish lives liturgy. The building itself is architecturally perfect. If someone plopped you down there without telling you where you were, you would easily guess you were in a Catholic church a stone's throw from colonial Williamsburg. While the architecture was American Colonial, it was perfectly married to Reverent Catholic. Words fail me here.

The liturgy was a beautiful Novus Ordo Mass, proving that that is not a contradiction in terms. It was reverent and relevant and completely orthodox, despite the round church. Who knew?
I wish I lived in that parish. I can't wait to go back.

To Fit and Happy...
I have carried a 17 pound baby in a front pack for hours and hours and hours in Jamestown (in 90 degree heat and total humidity), in Colonial Williamsburg for three hours one day and five hours the next, and up and back on the sidelines of a soccer field for two breathtaking games.

I'm sore and tired.
but happy:-)

I am thankful for...
the opportunity to witness an indredibly poignant, tearjerking father-son moment last weekend. I can't tell the story without tearing up.
I'll save it for another time.
From the kitchen ...
at the suggestion of a couple of friends and a soccer-dad-oncologist, I'm reading this and this and this.
It's really time to admit that Sally Fallon is not the answer after over six years of buying into the theories.
Kind of goes back to that definition of insanity thing: if I keep doing the same thing and getting the same [negative] result, it's time to change what I'm doing.
 I'm re-vamping our eating and revisiting my vegetarian years, with modern twist of Omega-3s and small portions of healthy meat.
I am wearing ...
a pink t-shirt, brown capris, and these shoes, which fit me perfectly in a child's size, thereby saving $15 over the adult cost of the same shoe. Go me.
I am creating ...
momentos from the weekend.
Shhh, it's a secret
  On my iPod...
All of these stories. We listened to them in the van on the way to Williamsburg. Thanks for the tip!
Towards a real education ...
We'll spend the rest of the week leisurely creating Jamestown Settlement and Colonial Williamsburg narrations with illustrations.
I am thinking... 
I'm going to miss Michael. He'll be gone 51 days. Not that I'm counting.
Sarah Anne this week...
She's seven months old! Her dimples got quite a workout last weekend as she flashed that darling smile to everyone who glanced her way. As long as she's being held, she's a happy, happy sweet girl. Fortunately, I can't get enough of her. She's been carried all over Maryland and Virginia in the last two weeks, had several naps interrupted by cheering crowds, and got caught in some giant celebratory hugs.
And she's been a great sport about it.

I am reading  ...
hmmm...there are 700+ unread posts on my Google Reader. I might have to delete without reading.
I am hoping and praying ...
for Elizabeth deHority
Jessica Hulcy (new link to caring bridge)
On Keeping Home ...
Seconds after we arrived home last night, Patrick grabbed the last few rays of light to plant eight new rose bushes. I can hardly wait to see them bloom.
After spending several days in a hotel, I always have an overwhelming urge to purge and declutter. Isn't it nice to be unencumbered by our stuff? Vacations are so good for reminding us of that. So, there will be some decluttering while the hotel remains fresh in my mind.DSC_0118
A few of my favorite things ...
The smell of wood smoke and "oldness" at Colonial Williamsburg. Reminds me of mornings on the Lawn at UVa.
Little girls in mob caps and bonnets
A little bigger boys who are not too big for tri-corner hats
Inhaling the history of that place
A Very Little Girl who insists that she is Felicity Merriman and holds everyone around her to playing their roles--for four days straight, much to the delight of everyone blessed to be with her

State Cup Championships

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Clean out the van, catch up on laundry, go strawberry picking, hit that park I've been promising before school is out and it's too crowded with vacationing kids (the benefits of home education;-).


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