Instead of blogging, I

~held a feverish two-year-old whose hair curls in ever tighter ringlets when she's hot.
~comforted a feverish eight-year-old who is obsessed with numbers and had to be kept from the thermometer. (Note: the number was 104.6 and when he's better we'll tell him he's the all-time fever champion)
~made lemonade slushies.
~read Brown Bear, Brown Bear fifteen times before 8:00 AM.
~wondered what time it was in LA. Called Mike anyway.
~watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse against my will at 2 AM.
~added chamomile to a tepid bath.
~dosed tylenol, advil, and holy water.
~had a good cry.
~took a nap with my baby.
~prayed. Hard.