Daybook--Short and Sweet

Outside My Window ...
it's hot, hazy, and humid.
I am listening to...
a wheezing baby sort of sleeping.
To Live the Liturgy...
something with caramel? is that too much of a stretch?

To Fit and Happy...
Mike's left leg has atrophied quite a bit since his back injury. So, now I have a renewed purpose in exercising: got to get out there and rehab him.

I am thankful for...
good friends who tell me in sweet, Southern accents that they understand and knowing, deep down, that indeed they do.
I am pondering this quote...
Consider seriously how quickly people change, and how little trust is to be had in them; and hold fast to God, who does not change.-- St. Teresa of Avila


From the kitchen ...
it's Caprese salad every day.
I am wearing ...
a T-shirt and capris. Again.
I am creating ...
lesson plans. 
  On my iPod...
  Brad Paisley's new album. I was amazed at how easy it is to download Amazon's MP3's
Towards a real education ...
filling in those planners in a big way.
I am thinking... 
someone in my house has had a fever every day since June 6. Even my pediatrician thought that an impressive statistic this morning.
In the Garden...
the petunias are perking up. The tomatoes look terrible. Need to research early blight. The basil is finally looking like it knows what it's supposed to be doing.
Sarah Anne this week...
She waved goodbye to Christian yesterday. He'd already left the room. But still.

I am reading  ...
Morning by Morning, upon Kim's recommendation.

I am hoping and praying ...
for peace of heart.
On Keeping Home ...
the de-cluttering continues. Incessantly.

One of my favorite things ...
when the entire family goes to Mass on a Sunday and we fill a whole pew perfectly.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
I've stopped making plans. 


Picture thoughts 
     I was never promised a rose garden. This is a nice surprise.

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