Friday Favorite

I like to use my Google Share box as a sort of filing system. I tend to "share" items that I know I'll want to find later. I put things there that I want to remember to pass along to Mike. There's no criteria list or anything like that. It's more whimsy--and sometimes I even forget that you see it. I thought it would be fun, though, to gather in one place your favorite posts of the week, mostly so I have a list of links to peruse over the weekend (we no longer get the Sunday paper). So, leave a comment with a link to your favorite post in the blogosphere this week and we can all enjoy some weekend reading. Comments are moderated and I'll have to check out the links to be sure there's no spam, so please be patient if yours doesn't appear right away.

Here's mine: I don't want to be a yelling, screaming crazy mom.