Seven Quick Takes

Jen has teased this so well that I couldn't resist this week:-).

Does everybody come home from vacations in beach houses and want to purge every last little bit of clutter from their "real" houses? And all but a few days' worth of clothes? It's so much easier to maintain a clean, orderly home in a vacation house with absolutely no "stuff." Sigh.

Charlotte hates shoe shopping. Me too. But my feet are small and still look like they did when I was a teenager. If I look down, I'd never know my body had aged at all. Still, I hate shoe shopping. I think my feet look the way they do because I steadfastedly refuse to ever put them into anything that isn't totally comfortable and supportive. No heels. No pointy toes. Nothing too tight or too loose. So, it's pretty much impossible to find shoes:-) And it's pretty pathetic that my feet are my best feature. When I was in high school, my friend Darlene's mom told me that if someone's checking you out and they get to your feet, you're in trouble.

Are you going to the Family Centered Learning Conference tomorrow? You should. It's a rare thing to have an opportunity to go to a conference that promotes community.This one is all about the joy that is yours for the taking. Joyful community? Sounds like a good combination.

My godson is going to be baptized on Sunday. He's still a really little guy--just isn't packing on the pounds. It's a curious thing: neither is this godson. Two little guys concerning their mamas and their doctors and in need of weight-gaining prayers. One of them is John and the other is Ian (which is also John) and they both need to grow, grow, grow. Sure makes praying for them a simple thing.

We're all about St. Anne here this week. I've pulled out the prayer book from last summer and fall and chosen my favorite St Anne petitioning novena before her feast on July 26 (John's baptism day). We have  tea planned for the following Monday, when Gracie can be with us. And we're going to pray a thanksgiving novena along with Aussie Annie after the feast. I got a sneak peek at the prayer she found and it's really beautiful.

I drank no coffee while at the beach. I had no internet while at the beach. I was a kinder, gentler mommy. Now, is it coffee or wi-fi or both that I need to eliminate permanently? Not sure, but I'm definitely reconsidering my plan to take the laptop to Panera early in the morning to work on the book.

I'm reading Morning by Morning at Kim's suggestion. It's certainly an interesting read. And Kim definitely culled some inspirational quotes.I bought the book for home education inspiration.  On the whole, I found the book to be more about racism than anything else and I found it to be very unsettling and not so inspiring. Much fodder for conversation, though. A review could easily be a long post and not a "quick take" and opening comments would generate a lively discussion for sure. But I'm faint of heart when it comes to online conversations about controversial topics, so we'll just sneak in the quick take and say that the book will make you think. And I disagreed with author often.
Speaking of inspiration, Bridget's got a must-read post for new homeschoolers.

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