Small Successes and Works in Progress


I began a massive home re-purposing project. In an effort to make a new bedroom for my three little girls, I dismantled my "schoolroom." I had a pretty big schoolroom, full of a lot of "stuff." Now, I don't have a schoolroom at all and, I'll tell you, I'm thinking twice about just about all of this stuff.

To show for my efforts, so far, I have one very pretty space in the sunroom and one awesome closet that used to be a pantry but now houses hands-on learning materials.

The kitchen is super-cleaned and the new pantry is very well organized.

And I have a whole bunch of messes.

When I'm finished, five out of nine children will have new places to sleep. And I won't have bought a single thing. It's all about re-purposing.


I got everyone up and out the door to Vacation Bible School by 7:15 every morning this week. Along the way, we all learned that we are glad we usually have no where to go in the morning.

Can you say, "nap?"


I put the finishing touches on several pieces of pretty curriculum. It made me happy to work with gifted and lovely ladies to write them. It makes me happy to share them. It makes me even happier to see those beautiful books all neat and ready and waiting for us in  those two spaces referred to in #1.


I wasn't completely blown away when I logged into Typepad just now to discover that everything is completely different and I'm test-driving their "new and improved whatever." I don't, however, have time for the learning curve and this post is going to go up without the logo because it's not where I left it and I can't find it right now.

ETA: Apparently, I have no idea what I'm doing in this new Beta version because this whole post looks centered in  my draft and it looks justified-left on my blog. Oh, bother.

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