The Curriculum I've Been Writing All My Life

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always had a mental filing basket for those gems that are so meaningful to me that I want to be sure to pass them along to my daughters. Certain books made such big impressions on me that I wanted to be certain they were a part of my girls' formation. As I grew into my vocation as a wife and mother, many more books went into that basket.

Now, I have a  daughter who is old enough and more than eager to start reading them. Last winter, when I went to pluck a tattered Montessori book off the shelf in our family library, I discovered it was missing. And so were all the other Montessori volumes customarily found there. They were  all downstairs on my daughter's nightstand, along with 20 and Counting and It's So You! The wheels started turning. At last, it's time to share all the treasures of my vocational library with my daughter.

Jennifer Mackintosh and I started talking with each other about how this unique curriculum would look all laid out beautifully. We were all too happy to begin to fit together the pieces of a young lady's education: one that would teach and inspire and equip our girls to embrace God's calling with wisdom, knowledge, and grace. We've just begun and we are happy to share an overview of the first year and details of the first couple months on Serendipity.

There are two different versions of the curriculum because we've taken seriously our commitment to tailoring for each girl. I expect that I will tailor again three more times for each of my daughters. Mary Beth is excited about how the treasures in these baskets will work with her real life--daily life spent with her siblings, moments beside me in the kitchen or marketplace, quiet mornings twice a week leading little ones to the Good Shepherd in a Montessori atrium, and many, many hours in a dance studio--to form her into a young lady. The future has a bright, rosy hue indeed!