What's for Dinner?

Bikinis and Macaroni!
Yesterday, Karoline asked for "bikinis every day."
Since she doesn't have a bikini, I was a little perplexed.
"You mean you want to wear your bathing suit every day?"

"No, bikinis every day."

"You mean you want to go to the pool every day?"

"No, bikinis every day!"

Great. She's two years old and already we have a modesty and clothing issue.

"Karoline, I don't understand. You want bikinis every day?"

"Yes. I want bikinis and macaroni every day. It's my favorite food for summer, just like you."

Aha. She wants Zucchini and Macaroni! The ultimate summer comfort food. The mere smell of it transports me to my grandmother's kitchen or  the kitchen of my Aunt Lisette, where I am being smothered with love. And pasta. And parmesan.

What could be a better choice for dinner, on this, the anniversary of the introduction of the bikini?