Daybook: Making Home

Outside My Window ...

it's so hot that the windows are steamy and I can't see outside.

I am listening to...
little girls playing hopscotch in the room above me.

To Live the Liturgy...
we will celebrate the feast of St. John Vianney by writing letters to priests who have touched our lives.

To Fit and Happy...

I. must. start. walking. in. the. morning. Period.

Sigh. Last week's goal is still this week's goal.



I am thankful for...
a house that is big enough to take on many forms throughout the lifetime of our family and children who can be motivated to help me make a vision become a reality. They can be. It just takes some doing sometimes;-).


I am pondering this quote...

Whatever troubles may be before you, accept them bravely, remembering Whom you are trying to follow. Do not be afraid. Love one another, bear with one another, and let charity guide you all your life. God will reward you as only He can.
--Blessed Mary MacKillop



From the kitchen ...

Friday we had mussels steamed in beer, caprese salad, and watermelon.

Summer on a plate

I am wearing ...

My fat jeans. Really, I need to fit exercise in again.


I am creating ...
brand new bedrooms and a new learning environment. 
  On my iPod...
Towards a real education ...

We've got some good things going for young ladies at Serendipity. Mary Beth begins today. Patrick is at camp this week and I'm knee deep in reorganizing my entire household. So, we're going for the staggered start strategy:-)


I am thinking... 
that sometimes a change  is as good as a rest. At least that's what I'm hanging my hat on this August-- 'cause rest ain't happenin' here.

In the Garden...
The basil and the roses are big and beautiful. The petunias are finally figuring it out. They're pretty, but it's a too little, too late kind of thing. This is what I'd hoped for; next year I"m going to consult Kimberlee before I plant a single thing.

 Around the House

We are moving rooms and shaking things up. So far, Paddy's room and the "new little girls's room" are completed. The sunroom has taken on our learning cabinets and baskets and the pantry now holds manipulatives. You can be assured of pictures throughout the week as we document our progress.

Sarah Anne this week...

She said "DaDa!" And she meant it. We know this because she said it again and again and again, looking for Mike, and then affirming that she found him. I'm not jealous. Not one bit. She's my ninth baby. They all do this, except for Katie. She said, "ball" first. Can't blame her for that--she was schlepping all over the country watching ball games.

Poor Michael. Sarah Annie won't let him hold her. He's so sad and he clearly feels a bit like a stranger in his house after being away all summer. We're working on it

In other news, Sarah Annie sort of leans like she might think about crawling sometime. I've noticed that plenty of babies born after she was are already up and going. I'm reminding myself of last winter, when I watched those babies smile and worried so very much about my own little girl. Eventually, her eyes focused, she could see, and she rewarded our imperfect patience with the most delicious dimples in the world.

She'll crawl; she'll walk; she'll run.

And it will be beautiful.

Sarah will do, what Sarah will do when Sarah is ready to do it. She'll do it in her own time.

We're all singing the tune.


I am reading  ...
not blogs. I'm not going to read blogs until I finish this house project and nail down the first draft of the book Danielle and I are writing. There's some motivation to stay focused:-)

I am hoping and praying ...
for my precious aunt who has been diagnosed with cancer. We are watching and waiting through the very trying time of testing and decisions.
On Keeping Home ...

I am investing in my home this week, truly digging in and creating spaces that reflect and support the family we are and the life we want to live here.


One of my favorite things ...
summer from the top of a swing

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Paddy has soccer camp. Michael will be home all week for the first time this summer. We're going to keep on keeping on with the home reorganization.


Picture thoughts 


Love the Park! 

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