Daybook: Happy Songs for August

Outside My Window ...

there is a grand reunion of neighborhood children back from holidays away. One little girl comments that she is so glad to be back because she didn't like having to go potty in a hole (she spent three weeks in Somalia)


I am listening to...
Nicholas and Mary Beth discussing whether or not to make a potato torte for dinner tonight.

To Live the Liturgy...

Big week!

St. Lawrence: August 10

St. Clare: august 11

St. Jane de Chantal (a personal favorite): August 12

Maximilian Kolbe: August 14

And the Solemnity of the Assumption: August 15

To Fit and Happy...

My exercise bike is my newly found, long lost friend



I am thankful for...
airplanes, safe landings, and reunions.

I am pondering ...

the real strength of love consists not in enjoying the divine sweetness, but rather in exact observance of the Rules, and the faithful practice of solid virtue—that is, in humility, the love of self-contempt, patient endurance of insults and adversities, self-forgetfulness, and a love that seeks not to be known except by God. This alone is true love, and these are its unerring tokens. May God preserve us from that sensible love which allows us to live in ourselves, while the true leads us to die to ourselves.—St. Jane de Chantal 

From the kitchen ...

We had some fun in the kitchen last week. After watching Katherine's sister rock Cake Challenge, we stayed tuned for The Next Food Network Star. My kids were inspired to make it a Food Network week. we started with a menu from TNFNS and then surfed for more Food Network recipes all week. We had some bigtime fun in the kitchen, found a few keepers, and were inspired to get creative in the kitchen again this week. I'm going to infuse some life into a new cycle menu yet:-)!



I am wearing ...

A pretty paisley skirt and pink seed stitched sweater. Bare feet and hair clip. And lip gloss.

I am creating ...
menus for feeding crowds of big soccer players in the middle of August. Suggestions, anyone?. 
  On my iPod...
 l'Angelus, because both Colleen and Charlotte insist on it:-).
Towards a real education ...

making a rough draft of a schedule and sort of seeing how it's all going to fit together.


I am thinking... 
I have time to share ideas and plans and family joys online. Internet judging and drama? I don't have time for that.

In the Garden...
I give up. The grass growing in the tomato garden wins. When the tomatoes wind down, I'm just going to mow the whole dang thing.

 Around the House

We've seriously overhauled. Lots of bedrooms perfectly clean and organized and very pretty. Sunroom ready and waiting for learning adventures. And the basement is pretty close to being "much better," maybe even "good." I think I'm a week away from being very happy with the state of my house. Makes me a little nervous. Something always happens when I achieve perfect order.


Sarah Anne this week...

She got her first tooth this week. She does the cutest thing with her tongue as she still keeps trying to push that silly little tooth out of her way.


I am reading  ...

not blogs. I'm not going to read blogs until I finish this house project and nail down the first draft of the book Danielle and I are writing. There's some motivation to stay focused:-)

(I completely did not keep this resolution last week and boy, was I ever sorry.)


Humility of Heart

I am hoping and praying ...
for my precious aunt who has been diagnosed with cancer. We are watching and waiting through the  trying time of testing and decisions.
  Note: It's not that I have forgotten to update this request; this has been a very long and complicated diagnosis.
On Keeping Home ...

Ah, these candles are heavenly. Really.

I think the St. Michael one captures the essence of Domestic Church

Cut some roses for a vase; light a candle; play l'Angelus hymns. Inhale holy inspiration.
One of my favorite things ...
Iced tea lemonade. I like this recipe, only no added sugar and green tea instead of black tea.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

More soccer camp: two-a-days this week, for more driving aggravation.

Michael will host a half dozen or so soccer players here for a few days so that they can get some days of practice in before the dorms open. In all sincerity, I'm looking forward to making breakfast for those guys.

"School" will begin for Stephen and Nicky and Katie and Karoline, only to be interrupted by soccer camp for them next week.

I've got some cool things cooking for Faith and Family Live features (I get to interview some really interesting people) and I think I'm going to jump into the podcast waters.


Picture thought 



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