My Room (Guest Post By Mary Beth)

During the bedroom switch, I moved up from the basement into my old/new room. This is the room that used to be mine and now is mine again. Since all of the little girls share a room now I have my own. Most kids talk about how they love having their own rooms but I have to adjust to not sleeping with either Katie and Karoline. It's a little bit weird to have my own bed and room. (Karoline now says she has two rooms: mine and hers and she still sleeps in mom's room at least half of most nights. Only Karoline could manage to come away from this project with 3 bedrooms). I do LOVE having my own quiet room though! We were not going to have to make any changes to the room except move my furniture up. Then we did the little girls room and their quilt didn't really match their room. Then the next morning,  Mom moved my quilt in and it did match perfectly, though at the time I wish it didn't because I love that quilt. So... Mom said that if I wanted to that I could keep my quilt and we could just get the little girls a new one that was like it, or we could swap, or they could keep mine and I could get a new one. I knew that my quilt matched perfectly and so we cleaned out my new room and made another trip to Target. Now, after getting the OK from Dad, we headed off to Target and left with:

A BEAUTIFUL comforter!


Polka Dot Wall Stickers


Polka Dot Curtains (They haven't really been hung yet. We need a bigger rod.)


And a Pretty Striped Rug


The rest of my room is:

A Dresser From Grandma and two white American Girl Doll shelves with free handed bows painted by mom.


A bookcase that is just like the little girls except it's the older version which they don't sell anymore, so this just means that it is green instead of pink and it doesn't have a toy chest drawer.


All and all, a GREAT ROOM! With a great theme: POLKA DOTS! We are still going to hang some pictures. The room didn't need to be painted either. It is blue. And the curtains make the light from outside shine this really pretty pink tone and my room looks pink-ish/purple-ish off of the walls:-)