Small Successes: Kids Edition

My children have had some successes this week. They're not my successes; they are absolutely theirs, but I can't think of much else besides them right now, so I think I'll just tag along.


Michael was named a captain of George Mason University's soccer team this week. This is a tribute to his hard work and determination. Not my success, but I did drive to a few practices along the way...


Nicholas overcame his shyness and joined two of his teammates to run a lemonade stand after his practice, while Stephen and the other boys' brothers had their training sessions. They raised about $80 for Red Rose school in Kibera. Not my success, but I did provide some capital.


Karoline made a new friend in the darling little girl who moved into Mallory's house. Not my success, but I did break the ice with a homecooked meal and cookies on their first night in their new home.

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