Small Successes: Guest Post By Mary Beth Edition


We switched rooms. They're great and we will LOVE them FOREVER! Did you see? If not:


Little Girls' Room

I babysat Stephen, Nicholas, Katie, and Karoline this morning while my Mom went to a funeral.

  We watched a movie and mom was happy because I kept school going for the most part. This morning:

Stephen read and added a page to his main lesson book.

Nicky did Explode the Code online, Math, and Reading

Katie did Explode the Code online, Math, and Reading

Karoline did various Montessori works, and coloring pages.

We had a great time! This is an official success because Karoline came up to me later and told me that "You did a good job, Bee! I'm proud of you!" :-)

Mom let me use iCal to make a calendar of my own. I took all of the subjects I have for Literature for Young Ladies and I added in math, Latin, dance, volunteer work, and TA DA! I have a nice, neat, laid out day! We also got Netflix yesterday so I need to add in movie time. But other than that it's all laid out!


What are your successes this week? This is a great exercise in holding ourselves accountable and patting ourselves on the back. Mothering and homemaking don't have built in performance reviews and bonuses. The  internet can be a source of support and encouragement. Let's encourage one another in our small successes. Share them at Faith and Family Live!