That Utterly Lovely Alphabet Path

I've been so delighted to receive notes from lots of new families traveling the Alphabet Path this year! Did you see Jessica's photos of A week? Remember, comments are open at Serendipity now, so that you can tell us about your adventures with each and every letter. There is some work for me to do in the middle of the alphabet, updating some booklists, and I hope to get to that before you all get to those letters. Your prayers for my time are truly, truly appreciated. Also, I know that lots of Flower Fairy links are broken. The Flower Fairy site was totally overhauled and all the links changed. The new Flower Fairy site is here. Link updating is tedious and time consuming and...I'll get to it:-) Remember, there is a tutorial for how to to use the Alphabet Path here.

I encourage you to leave comments, ask questions, make suggestions, and have a conversation!