Daybook: Autumn Begins

Outside My Window ...

are birds in a bird bath and a little grove of trees. Beyond that, is my favorite place to welcome the autumn in all the world. I'm spending a few quick days with my father and stepmother in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Foss Kids September '09 091

 I am listening to...

Mary Beth, Katie, Sarah, and Karoline making dinner with "Baba."


To Live the Liturgy...

Wednesday, we'll celebrate the feast of Saint Padre Pio with maple cookies and cappucino. We will also begin the rose novena to St. Therese in anticipation of her feast on October first.


To be Fit and Happy...

We went apple picking this morning, followed by an afternoon of shopping. The baby in the Ergo provided plenty of exercise. 

I am thankful for...

 a beautiful place to escape. My children love to come here. "Baba" is lots of fun and always manages to fix the right things to eat and to plan the right things to do. The boys are glad to play golf by day and watch football in the evenings with my dad. The house is so pretty and I'm not distracted by a a million things yet undone the way I am at home. I just love this town. Love it.

Foss Kids September '09 092



I am pondering ...

whether or not I want an iPhone. being able to carry my iCal with me is soooo tempting.  

From the kitchen ...
We picked 90 pounds of apples! It's going to be all apples, all the time, as soon as I get home. But tonight, "Baba" is cooking, so we're going to have steak and mashed potatoes, green beans with mushrooms, cucumber and tomato salad and an ice cream cake for dessert. ('s a sneak preview of birthday week, whereupon four children celebrate their birthdays in the same week.)

Foss Kids September '09 103


I am wearing ...

A green short-sleeved blouse, jeans and tennis shoes. And I have new necklace sent to me by a cherished friend. It's utterly beautiful in its simplicity.

I am creating ...

memories with my children; memories that include three generations.

Foss Kids September '09 102


On my iPod...

Praying the Rosary with St. Faustina.



Towards a real eduction ...

Lots of Apple Books this week:

How Do Apples Grow?

Apple Picking Time

Life and Times of the Apple

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

Rain Makes Applesauce


Apple Cake

Alyosha's Apple

Brother Bartholomew and The Apple Grove


Foss Kids September '09 098

I am thinking... 

That it's nice to get away but I really miss my husband. And how weird it must be for him to be all alone in that big house.

In the Garden...

There is a mess of weeding to do. And I think it's nearly time to plant bulbs. We're planting hope this year.

Around the House

When I get home, I'm not going to be discouraged by the busy bustle and the inevitable messes. My life is a life in motion. There is poetry there and it is beautiful poetry.


Sarah Anne this week...

Sarah Annie  loves her mama. She won't much let me out of her sight and she doesn't want to be out of my arms. She will go to Mary Beth on occasion, especially if it means going out of doors.

Foss Kids September '09 114

I am hoping and praying ...

for the Snow family, the Barrett family, and the Cushman family. May they be consoled by family and friends, saints and angels, and the good Lord himself.

Christa Bartlett and her family

and now,

For the Mitchell family, too.


On Keeping Home ...

When I am stressed, I want nothing more than to be at home. But I recognize that home is where ten other people live as well and so, it isn't always such a peaceful place of respite for me.

I set the tone and I "keep home." If it is to be a place of respite for my family--and for me--I must endeavor to make it so. And if it is very important that it be that way, then keeping home must truly take its place near the top of the priority list.

I really pushed myself this week to tidy after the children were in bed, pulling a couple of nights much later than usual. I like the effect it has on my mornings.

One of my favorite things ...

Autumn on the Lawn at the University of Virginia.

The view from Carter Mountain Orchard.

Appreciating that view with someone else who loves it, a blog friend who became an in -real- life friend, much to my delight.

Foss Kids September '09 095

How's the burnout recovery going?

Very well. Some long conversations with understanding spirits, some time away, a date with Mike--all good things this week, thank you.

Foss Kids September '09 108

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

We'll return home tomorrow and fall back into a school day routine. The parish fall festival is this weekend. I'm hoping to visit with my friend Jan this week, too. Lots of good visiting!