Small Successes


It's been awhile since I've listed my small successes. This week (since last Thursday) feels like a month; surely I can come up with three things.

1.  I took seven kids to Virginia Beach for a soccer tournament.  Twelve games. Everyone was on time to everything. And I returned home to Northern Virginia with 10 kids. I'm sure there's some sort of gold star in that.

2. On Sunday night, I was starting to feel like just putting one foot in front of the other was more effort than I could muster. Then I remembered the promise to fall in love again. I went for a long hand-in-hand walk on the beach with Mike. I think it might be the highlight of this fall. No,  I'm sure it is.

3. Despite feeling exhausted and achy, I dragged skipped along with those children through  Colonial Williamsburg on the way home on Monday. The "extras" had never been, save a trip to the candy store on a fourth grade trip to Jamestown. They wanted to know what was up with all the people dressed like Pilgrims. I firmly pried their fingers from their iPhones and shoved some living history down their throats. Speaking of throats, by the time I got home, it was clear I had the flu. Or something.

And now, I'm returning to my sheets, my tea, and my general crankiness. What are your small successes this week? Share them here.