Daybook: Settling In

Outside my window::

::it's dark, but four little boys are determined to pretend it's not. A football game continues under the back lights. They'll come in when they are very cold and very hungry. 

 I am listening to::

::girls making dinner.

I am wearing ::

::black yoga pants and a gray ESPN sweatshirt. Ponytail. Cashmere socks. (Are you praying for my sock friend?)

To be Fit and Happy::

:: I finally can walk and talk and breathe at the same time. Back on track this week. T-Tapping back into the groove.

I am thankful for::

::a month of meaningful October celebrations.

 I am pondering ::

::Gratitude in November-

"When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude." ~Chesterton

I am reading ::

::Actually, I'm re-reading an advance copy of Sally Clarkson's new book. I read it through the first time, without stopping to do the study questions because I was under a deadline. I can't begin to express how much I needed this book at this time in my life. Now, I'm reading slowly and letting it all sink in.

Sally writes: Every day, I hear from precious women all around the world who know the Lord, and are committed to serving him in their homes, but they are weary in the work of being a mother. They have lost their way. They have no intention of giving up, but they need something more to keep going. I hear in their voices and words the need for a renewed sense of the Lord’s work in the midst of their lives. If that’s you, I want you to know this year that God wants you to be renewed in him…he wants to do “new things” (Isaiah 42:9) in and through you. He wants “You…Renewed!” in your habits, heart, home, and hope.

That's what the book is all about.

From the kitchen::

::Mary Beth and I have worked hard on the autumn menu. We've gotten lots of recipes linked and made some PDFs . I'll add more PDFs as I print and put them in my binder. Paddy and I finally figured out a new grocery routine. Michael used to do all the grocery shopping but the Costco people won't let Christian in without an adult, so he can't just drive there and do it for me. So, I've been going in with Patrick on my way to take the little boys to soccer. I leave Paddy there to do the shopping and then go back and go in and check him out after I drop the little boys. That keeps Sarah Annie in my arms and not the shopping cart and makes efficient use of drive time. Besides, I think being able to grocery shop is a very essential life skill and so far, I've got three teenage boys capable of shopping for a double digit family.

I'm thinking:: 

::that the Halloween fairy might come tonight and take several heaping hands full of candy. Enough of the sugar rush already!

I am creating ::

::Christmas lists.

On my iPod::

::Well, I know someone who really hopes I'll download six new songs on the Taylor Swift Platinum Fearless edition. Hmm, what can I attach to the bribe?

Towards a real eduction::

::We've moved from Africa to the Holy Land. Oh, and we've added laser pointers to our astronomy study at Kimberlee's suggestion.

Towards rhythm and beauty::

::Mike and I are going to make a hardwood flooring decision this week. I cannot wait to get rid of my carpet which looks like I've potty trained four children and a dog since we moved in, and all of them had muddy paws.

To Live the Liturgy::

::I'm very focused on some new saints this week and on the hearts of their grieving mothers.

I am hoping and praying::

::prayers of thanksgiving. We are not moving! Big sigh of relief. HUGE sigh of relief. Still some other things hanging out there, but the moving thing was huge.

In the Garden::

::the kids planted two flats of pansies and 90 tulip bulbs.

Around the House::

::I'm finally caught up with the laundry that slid while I was sick. That's a great thing because as the laundry goes, so goes the house.

On Keeping Home::

::I'm going to be packing up things this week in anticipation of massive furniture moving when the floors are installed. and of course when I pack, I'll purge. Yay for purging! 

One of my favorite things::

::The smell of baking bread. Patrick is baking four loaves at a time, every other day. I can't eat it, but it sure does make the house smell wonderful.

Sarah Anne this week::

::It's just so much fun to watch her personality emerge. She's quieter than Karoline, with a certain sweetness about her. She's learned to sign "more" and "thank you." 

How's the burnout recovery going?

::I'm gathering some thoughts on depression. Perhaps a post for later in the week. Or, perhaps not. We'll see what kind of time the Lord presents to me.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week::

::Election Day tomorrow and a doctor's appointment for my little girls. Basketball practice begins so there will be some tinkering in iCal while I figure it all out. Christian is coaching Stephen, Nick, and Mary Beth so I won't have to drive to those three practices and Paddy is playing on a team with Christian, so I won't have to drive there either. There! That was easy:-).

 A  Picture Thought I'm Sharing:

About midway through September, Christian began hunting for any school that would allow a homeschooler to play basketball on its team. The Catholic schools flatly denied him a chance. [Ahem] But he found a small Christian school nearby. He went to check it out and Paddy went along for the ride. When they got there, they discovered that the basketball coach is the soccer coach, too. The soccer team was struggling a bit with a losing record at that point in the season. Paddy and Christian decided to play soccer that day. Christian hadn't played in six years--except in the backyard, which in our life is pretty intense play. He took the goal. Paddy took the field.

The rest is history.