St. Andrew Chaplets


I've gotten a few little notes in the inbox looking for directions to making  St. Andrew chaplets. Oh, we love our purple beads! The St. Andrew Christmas prayer is my favorite Advent devotion. I made the chaplets during bedrest and, like so many things during bedrest, I'm a little sketchy on remembering details. So, I can tell you that the beads are purple jasper (or maybe they are purple crazy lace agate? No, last year's post says jasper). But I can't tell you where I got them. Nor can I tell you where I got the St. Andrew medals. All I know for sure is that it wasn't locally, because...I was on bedrest. I'm sure I ordered them.

The lovely Alice Cantrell has tutorials on how to make chaplets here. Because Alice created them, the tutorials themselves are beautiful:-). Mine are very simple chaplets, easily made in an afternoon. But go order your stuff now! Oh, alright, I love St.Andrew so much, I'll google a little to get you going.

Purple crazy lace agate is here and  jasper is available here. There are St. Andrew medals here. Maybe someone else can find more affordable medals for buying in quantity and leave a link below?

While looking for St Andrew medals this morning, I read this: St. Andrew gifts can be a blessing to women who are hoping to conceive, as Saint Andrew is the patron saint of women desiring to conceive. Who knew? Not me. Though looking back at my experience with this devotion, it doesn't surprise me at all. Good St. Andrew...

Comments are open in case you have questions.