Happy Birthday Nicholas!

Sweet Nicholas,

You've heard the story so many times, the tale of God's gracious blessing the night you were born. You know all about the date and the time . Ever since you were very little, you've been a bit obsessed about dates and times. I wonder if you didn't orchestrate the whole thing yourself;-) You were up early this morning, just like every morning of your life. I tried to beat you out of bed and downstairs to prepare your traditional hot chocolate in bed. You granted me a little grace when you saw me on the stairs.

"I'll just go to the bathroom and go back to bed," you offered.

I'm pretty sure this was a huge sacrifice on your behalf because the computer was screaming your name, all fat and happy with Fantasy Football stats as it is on Monday mornings. I merrily made hot chocolate and went to "pretend" to wake you up.

You had made a discovery in the bathroom mirror.

You were mad. Really mad. Across your forehead, in big green letters, I read "Kiss Me" and on your cheeks, "I'm 9."

It was really, really hard not to laugh.

Oh, dear boy! This IS your life.

You are the youngest of five brothers. 

Just remember, one day, you're going to be bigger and stronger than all of them.

(Pssst, after analyzing handwriting, I'm pretty sure it was Paddy. And I've got an idea;-)

I love you so much!



Nick (on the left) with "big" brother and best friend, Stephen, in Seattle last month.