Office Christmas Party

I was going to write about it. Actually, at one point last night I looked up and saw five different people texting and I thought that I wished I had some way to Twitter the party, because I do think it was a rather entertaining experience. Alas, I don't. And I was gone all day yesterday and this is quite the "day after" in my home. So, I'll spare you my impressions and let the pros entertain you. This version is pretty funny. And, by the way,  the fastest bowler ever is pretty darn sore today. Once upon a time, I fell in love with the pitcher on the varsity baseball team. Thirty years later, I'm still swooning over his strength and speed;-).We're going to be snowed in all day tomorrow and I will have the privilege of testing our homemade sore muscle rub on a nationally recognized fast bowler. Office party perks, no?