Mentor Moms

Once upon a time, I was young mom with two little boys who was determined to homeschool. A homeschooling mom who was a little older, with kids older and the same ages as mine, invited me to come shadow her for the day. A mentoring relationship was born, one for which I will always be grateful. Mary is no longer homeschooling, but, as our children get older and I find myself trying to navigate the even trickier waters of teens and young adults, she is still a mentor and I am reminded anew how blessed I am to have her.

So, when that mom, who is a writer too, asked me if I would help her hear what women are thinking about mentoring, I was happy to do so. 

Mary Hasson, asks, "I am writing a piece  on "mentor moms,"  focusing on the idea that  momswho are beyond the baby years have time and wisdom to share with their younger counterparts. [Some churches]  have established programs that bring younger moms and older moms together in those kinds of relationships.  In [other churches], these relationships seem to establish themselves more informally or organically.

" I would love to hear from your readers on two points:  If they are younger moms:  Would they be interested in a mentoring relationship with an older mom and, if so, what qualities would they look for? I'd love to hear their stories of moms who filled that role or how they found a mentor.

" For older moms:  Are they open to sharing their time and wisdom?  What do they feel they have to give? How would they begin such a relationship (suggesting it to a younger mom or wait to be asked)? Again, I'd love to hear stories of the mentors in their own lives or how they have become involved in mentoring younger moms (however informally)."

So, have you been blessed by a mentor? Have you reached out to mentor? Do you wish you had a mentor? Do you find mentors in your neighborhood, your parish, online?

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