Dreary Day Daybook

Outside My Window::

::Rain is washing away the snow at last.

I am Listening to::

::quiet. Only Sarah and I are home and she is sleeping on my lap.

I am wearing ::

::a pink cotton pointelle sweater tunic, wine colored corduroys, and a pretty hand knit lacy scarf with tiny pink seed beads in it.

I am Thankful For::

::a very good priest whom I met this morning. He's new to the neighborhood and we are very blessed to welcome him.

I am Pondering:

::Though we should fall fifty times a day, let us rise again quite simply, without wasting thought in self-reflections on what we may have done or left undone. Such useless discouragements are often greater faults than the ones that so disturb us.
     If we follow His plans for us, though heaven and earth should be overturned, in truth it does not matter whether we suffer or enjoy, so long as the Divine Will be accomplished."--Jane de Chantal


I am Reading:

::all sorts of things. I unpacked the library yesterday and very carefully shelved all our books. Wow. We have a lot of books. I've committed to not buying a single book this year. We have all we need and I still have so many books that remain unread. So! to read them now...

From the Kitchen::

::I think it's a chili sort of day today. Or maybe beef stew...

I am Thinking:

::about this post. I think being informed of the news is important. It's important to be an informed electorate and to be aware citizens and I do read and/or watch the news from various sources.. But, I understand what Katherine's saying. So, I'm thinking about all those things that distract me from prayer and make me think too much and judge too much and stir up passions of fear and anxiety (uh, the internet?). Hah! Now, I'm thinking about thinking too much:-).

I am Creating::

::clean, clear, uncluttered rooms. Oh happy,  happy day!

On my iPod::

::really pretty belltower chimes to remind me of the events in this domestic monastery. Lovely.

Towards a Real Education::

::As I restocked the library (which took several hours), I thought about the way I plan now compared to the way I planned years ago. They're aren't too many differences, except there are more learners in my house these days. The materials I bought then have stood the test of time. I have enough--more than enough--right here in my home to finish out this home education adventure. We are well-provisioned, indeed.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty:

::the floors are so pretty. It's like living in a treehouse. Only with plumbing.

::To Live the Liturgy:

::pray the Divine Office and go to Mass as often as possible. The rest just comes naturally. Simple as that.

I am Hoping and Praying:

:: for the Pope's intentions:That young people may learn to use modern means of social communication for their personal growth and to better prepare themselves to serve society.


In the Garden:

::the wood guys totally trampled my pansies. Bummer.

Around the House:

::lots of moving back into place to do and lots and lots of dusting.

On Keeping Home:

::I'm being very intentional as I move things back in and I'm aware that this is a great time to work on good housekeeping habits for all of us. Diligence is the order of the day.

One of My Favorite Things:

::the Eucharist

Sarah Annie this week:

::Rumor has it that she's walking. My children tell me they've witnessed up to 16 steps. But she absolutely will not walk in my presence.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week:

::The contractors will return tomorrow morning to put another coat of finish on the stairs and to repair the wall where somehow a piece of flooring made a hole.

::Lots of ballet as we fit in a bunch of makeup lessons.

::daily Mass right here in the neighborhood:-)

::March for Life on Friday

A Picture Thought I'm sharing: