1. Before the renovation began, I asked about dust. The contractor assured me that since they were cutting outside, dust would be minimal and they'd clean it all up. He neglected to tell me that when they pulled up the carpets and the old flooring, a half inch layer of fine dust and carpet fiber would settle all over every. single. surface of my house. I didn't cry. Eventually, I'll clean it up.

2. The first night without a kitchen, we ate out. I opted for a salad bar. I was up all night with food poisoning. I spent the next day, horribly sick, in the basement with all the kids and incessant pounding (and the dog--who barks at the pounding because he's SURE someone is at the door) and one bathroom. I didn't cry.

3. Yesterday, when I learned that there isn't nearly enough wood to finish the job and the middle floor of my house will remain in "demolished" mode for another ten days or so, I didn't cry.

But my friend Myriam has been crying all week.

Myriam is from Haiti.

Please pray for her and her precious family.