Renovation Daybook

Outside My Window::

::It is cold and clear.

I am Listening to::

::banging, pounding,scraping, sawing-- and it all sounds like it's coming right though the ceiling.In the background is the sound of Christian's guitar. He blesses us with a melody for these chaotic days.

I am wearing ::

::a pretty cute pink sweatshirt and yoga pants

I am Thankful For::

::118   78-pound boxes of hardwood flooring

I am Pondering:

::What if I allow myself to put the outcome in God’s hands and just live intensely in the present, absorbing and embracing life as it happens?

Emilie Lemmons
(thanks to Jen for reminding me)

I am Reading:

::Hind's Feet on High Places

From the Kitchen::

::I cooked and cooked last week. We had some great homecooked dinners, especially. That's good because I see a lot of fast food in our immediate future.

I am Thinking:

::that real life has been very busy lately and if you sent me an email I probably owe you an apology. Unfortunately, it's the messages that beg a thoughtful reply that get put off more often than I'd like.

I am Creating::

::memories. There are ten of us huddled in the basement today while the old flooring is pulled up and carried away. It's crowded, particularly since we've stashed everything from the upstairs closets and bookshelves down here. It's cold because the heat is off since the door is open as they drag things in and out above us. And, frankly, we're all getting on each other's nerves just a wee bit. But I am determined to make the memories of this time be good ones.

On my iPod::

::Lots to share here, but I think it will have to be a post later in the week.

Towards a Real Education::

::We're doing the best we can to do all things academic despite the disruption in our environment. But, in all honesty, I see a little math, a little grammar, a little writing and a lot of Wii and movies in the plans for this week.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty:

::the steady rhythm of the hammers and saws are bringing me ever closer to beauty in my home. All good.

To Live the Liturgy:

::Ordinary Time. This is not ho-hum time. Instead, Ordinary Time in the Church is the time that she has ordered for us. It is set aside for an orderly progression through the gospels. Ordered Time. Indeed. I feel myself enveloped by the maternal concern of Mother Church as she gently buts firmly guides me towards order--in my environment, yes, but more importantly, in my soul.

I am Hoping and Praying:

:: for grace and patience.

In the Garden:

::there's a good deal of huffing and puffing, storming and blowing.

Around the House:

::I have relinquished all control to a very competent carpenter and his crew. God bless him!

On Keeping Home:

::So, now I'm stuck in the basement for the week. Guess what we're cleaning and organizing?

One of My Favorite Things:

::fresh flowers in the pretty vase that Kimberlee gave me for my birthday a few years ago. Mike brought me pink carnations for it yesterday. 

Sarah Annie this week:

::She said "Pat Pat" as she called for Patrick. I'm not sure which was cuter: her delight at making the words come out just right or his uncontrollable grin as he realized that's what she said and who she wanted. It was one of those moments that make having big kids and little kids all at the same time a very beautiful thing.

::She can also say "bellybutton" and is quite fascinated with them. That's especially funny when I consider that this time last year, her bellybutton was something of a conversation piece. Patrick likes to show her his because he's always up for an opportunity to show off his abs;-)

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week:

::lots and lots of renovation above us and lots and lots of opportunities to grow in virtue.

A Picture Thought I'm Sharing: