The search widget on my lefthand sidebar lists the search terms in order of frequency. I cannot tell you how annoying it is to me that SPANKING is being shouted from the lefthand side of my blog.  To you who are searching (relentlessly it seems): there's not much here. I have spanked one child, one time, while under the *very temporary* influence of the Ezzos and I still rue the day. My third baby was five weeks old and I was seriously sleep deprived and desperate to figure out mothering once and for all so I could get some sleep. The Ezzos told me it was all Le Leche League's fault and a good swift spank to my recalcitrant toddler would ensure much needed peace to all (well, they didn't say it in so many words, but that was what I took from my speed reading of ALL of their books in one weekend). So I did. And not one single problem was solved. As a matter of fact, that child still reminds me to this day that he is the only one who was ever spanked in our household. He says he's scarred for life;-).

Anyway, if you're searching for "how the Foss family does the discipline thing" and you typed in "spanking" as a shortcut, you might find what you're looking for here  or here and definitely here.And I would so appreciate it if some of you would take a moment and search for something other than "spanking" or its runner-up "depression" and bump them off the really big font honors. Something cheerful and pretty? That looks good on the sidebar? Please? Because we're all about looking pretty:-)

Thank you.