Let's talk about the ads

Did you see the Super Bowl ads last night? Are Super Bowl ads a good way to put your finger on the pulse of the culture? If so, I think we have a culture of whiny, emasculated men. You can go here to catch the ads again (or for the first time). And you can for some conversation and to  offer your opinion.

For what it's worth, I initially thought the Tim Tebow ad was anti-climactic . In hindsight, though, it was marketing genius. There was almost nothing to the ad, but look how much conversation it got even before it ran and look how silly all the outraged pro-choice voices sound now. All that fuss about something that said almost nothing? Got us talking though didn't it? And got them making assumptions. You know what Oscar Wilde says happens when you assume...

Honestly, my favorite pro-life moment came after the game. I couldn't get enough of the tears in Drew Brees' eyes as he nuzzled his angelic little boy and told him about the magnitude of the moment. This is the only baby image I could find this morning and it's not the moment I thought most magical, but it's pretty cool.

Update: Thanks to Jasmine for this image. Darling.

And another. Thanks, Cheryl! 

Link to the rest of the story on the Tim Tebow ad. Worth watching.