Of Mars & Venus

Yesterday, Stephen chased away the schooldays boredom with Nicholas and two of their best buddies. The boys from across the street brought aluminum foil. We just happened to have a box that once housed a new stove. As luck would have it, this week's Apologia science assignment asked the young learners to design a spacecraft for exploring Mars. And so they did.



Because it's  [still] "P" week, the girls made a plane and named it "Polly."

And, mission accomplished, the boys went back across the street to resume the curling competition.

Meanwhile, the feminine side of the family planned for the first night of Ladies' Figure Skating. It was Girls' Night at the Olympics. (For the record, there was an abundance of root beer and potato chips for the Canada-US Hockey game and much male macho to go with it.) This party was for the ladies, who have been waiting since the fall to see Rachael Flatt again.

Since it's [still] "P" week, there were Pink Princess Pretzels and


Pretty Pink and Purple Punch.