Out of Print

It is with regret that I let you know that Real Learning is out of print and I have no more books available. There are no immediate plans for another printing or a second edition. All I have left of my inventory is a stack of seven books I set aside for my children when my first box of Real Learning arrived in the spring of 2003. Funny thing that is; I don't even have enough books of my own--we've added two more little girls since then.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank those of you have have read the book and allowed me to spend a few moments of precious time telling you how much joy this learning lifestyle has brought to our home. And many, many thanks to those of you who shared with me what the book meant to you. Your stories have all been read, pondered, and cherished. It has been a joy and a privilege to share childhood with you, even if only for a brief time. Bless you!

[If you ordered the book from me recently, you should have received a Paypal credit. If you did not receive a credit, please let me know. If you ordered DVDs, they are on their way just as soon as the weather permits a trip to the post office:-)]