On the Feast of St. Joseph

Not much new here. One of the nice things about Liturgical Year Traditions is that they repeat themselves year after year. Dinner and dessert will look much the same, only the pasta will be served with Blue Crab Sauce. We will remember my grandmother and pray for her soul. And we will be ever grateful to good St. Joseph, who is unfailing in his intercessions. St. Joseph doesn't have the same surprises in store for us as he did two years ago. Still, I remind myself how good he has been to our family, how I've grown to love this papa since I learned as a child to pray for my father to St. Joseph. And, of course, I will be ever so grateful for his constant intercession on my husband's behalf, those beautiful answers to prayers I've prayed for him since I was a teenager in high school with a huge crush on the pitcher for the baseball team. Thanks, Joe! That worked out very well, indeed.:-)