Past due Pp Post

We took our time on Pp week and now I've taken my time Posting all the Particulars. I don't always Post all we do along the Alphabet Path, but Pp was Particularly Packed and Pleased the People in my house enough to make it worth recording for Posterity.

Pp is for Packages delivered by Post.



We don't know who sent it, or even the Place from where it came. Perfect Present for these little girls (and some brothers, too)! They so enjoyed making Paper dolls. Thank you to the Present Person!

Pp is for Pellets.


Nicky is studying birds and, with Stephen's help (and not a little Persuasion), he dissected owl Pellets and reconstructed a mole skeleton.

Pp is for Peter!

Karoline was so taken with Peter in a Snowy Day that we read a few more Peter stories for Pp week:

Peter's Chair

Whistle for Willie

and we brought a Peter doll into our home to love.

Pp is for Painted Pebbles



We painted stones a la Egyptian scarab stones, an activity in Global Art.

Pp is for Pope


Lolek: The boy Who Became Pope

This book truly deserves its own Post. Nicholas has read it countless times since he got if for Epiphany. And I've read it aloud to everyone several more times. I can't say enough about the sensitivity with which it's written. Clearly the author-illustrator team has a deep love for John Paul II. I find the illustrations utterly charming and Nicholas was quite taken with finding the whisper-printed "Totus Tuus" in every illustration. Just a perfect, perfect picture book! Check out the website here.

Warning: it has ignited in my children a Passion for Polish Pottery;-)

Pp is for a Pink Princess Party


Pretty, Pretty Pretzels. The Pink Princess book was also a present, from those Alphabet Path Pals across the country. Nothing like kindred spirits, is there girls?

Pp is for Popcorn Balls


We love to make and eat these and now, we think they might have magical Powers;-).

Pp is for Patricia Polacco

The Lemonade Club

Thank You/ Mr. Falker

Ginger and Petunia

When Lightning Comes in a Jar

The Keeping Quilt

I Can Hear the Sun

Thunder Cake

Rechenka's Eggs

For the Love of Autumn

Chicken Sunday

Pink and Say

The Trees of the Dancing Goats

Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair

Mommies Say Shh!

Luba and Wren

Nearly every Post on the Alphabet Path has its own Author Study now. We are enjoying becoming intimately acquainted with each author.

Pp is for Pedestrian


Sarah Annie, always the dramatic one with timing milestones, has a Pp Post of her own

And, of course Pp is for St. Patrick, but we're Procrastinating a bit and we'll get to that next week.