We tried to simplify;-)

In an attempt to simplify things, we put navigation bars here and at Serendipity. Now, when you key in elizabethfoss.com, you'll be redirected to this blog. And then, once you're here, if you want to get to Serendipity, you click on "Learning Ideas at Serendipity" on the tab at the top of the page.When you get to Serendipity, there are tabs across the navigation bar at the top to help you find pretty much everything there (we still have some things left to link).

Simple, right? Well, yeah, except that www.elizabethfoss.com won't work until tomorrow. If you leave off the www, it works. Michael's working on it. If, by this time tomorrow, you still can't get there, please do email me. I had no idea there was a problem until some of you wrote. So thanks!

And there are two new posts up at Serendipity if you want to try out the navigation button:-)